Be Amazed How Much “LIFE” Insurance You Can Get For So Little Money!

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Life Insurance

" LIFE " There's nothing more important. Don't forget to insure it ! We take pride in protecting what matters most.

Do you have a upcoming Quinceanera? Do you know someone who does or who had a Quinceanera in the past. Facts show the average cost  range from $5,000 to $20,000. In many cases more cost than a wedding. We are even aware of parents taking a loan against their own home for a Quinceanera. When asked why the answer is the same. She means that much to me, I love my child , and want her happy. 

Here at Matador we understand the valued culture of a Quinceanera . Matador also understands an undervalued culture " LIFE " There's nothing more important.  DON'T forget to insure it . We have encountered some of these same families during unexpected times who spent $5,000, $10,000 in 1 day on 1 Quinceanera , but never got LIFE INSURANCE , which in some cases can be as little as $30 to $45 per month depending on the amount. 

Be amazed at how much LIFE INSURANCE you can get for so little money to protect your family, and what means the most. In some cases  you can get $100,000 to half a million $ for less than half the cost of a cell phone bill. There's nothing like the gift, and security of stability. Sleep good at night knowing you've provided protection for your family's needs even in your absence. Our professionals are committed to both educating, and helping you with the products and services that best fit your needs. Even if you don't have a social security number Team Matador can still assist you with providers in getting love ones protected. 

Doesn't matter if you welcoming a new born  grand child to the family , husband & wife protecting each other, or a policy for your parents. We all must face difficult times at some point. One of Matador's mission is to both educate, help and remind you " LIFE " there's nothing more important.  Don't forget to insure it.  Contact a member of our team today. Life Insurance and the protection of stability for your family is one of the greatest gifts you will ever exchange.